My Notes


Forestry Notes


Note that some topics in the attached documents appear to be crossed out. This is due to the limitation of Black and White Scanning of Marker-Highlighted Text.

Mechanics Notes
Optics Notes
Thermodynamics Notes
Electromagnetism Notes
Quantum Mechanics Notes
Atomic And Molecular
Nuclear Notes
Solid State Physics

24 thoughts on “My Notes

  1. Thanks for the upload! 🙂
    Are you going to upload remaining notes also? And did you use only these notes for revision or went through some other material also?

    • Now I have uploaded all the Physics Notes. Besides, I also went through some of the books that I shall be soon posting.

  2. I too appeared for CSE with physics optional but could only score 108 in Paper1 and 115 in Paper2. Could you share your strategy for Paper1?

  3. hey thanks a lot for the notes.
    By the way, I have been doing badly in paper 1 for two years in a row. Last year i scored 118 +166 in Physics. This year 100 +122. Can you please put a list of books that you would recommend for paper 1? Thanks a lot for your efforts in advance,

    • You have been scoring really well in Paper 2. I will soon post the strategy that I followed in Physics. Best of Luck.

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  5. Pingback: Strategy for Physics preparation | Rishav Gupta

  6. Thanks bro for your generosity, You are indeed doing a great work.Please let this blog to be active and resourceful so that It become a milestone for the physics IAS aspirants. Presently all other bloggers have been passive from long time so I request you to please take the lead from the front . I
    need a favour from you. I am not able to download the Abhijeet agrawal physics notes from his blog, could you please put them on your site. It will be really helpful for us.

  7. Hi please clarify my doubts and give suggestions.
    1. I started reading forestry from manikandan and prabhu initially to get acquainted with the basic structure, but it is a mess I am not understanding basic terminology and the taxonomy is new(as I am non-life sciences graguate). So, I kept aside that one and started with NCERTs from 6th I collected all the material which is related to plantae and started reading it. I am now in 11 th class.
    Question: am I studying relevant?
    if not? please give me guidance in building my base.
    If so? Please suggest me, where to stress more on understanding.

    Any other suggestions regarding how to deal with forestry will usher great help in the context of non-life sciences graduate.

    • Rama, I believe the best strategy would be to start by reading L.S. Khanna and then shifting to Manikandan. Going to NCERTs might prove to be a futile exercise after going through Khanna.

  8. Great work !!..Sir my question to you is- I’m facing problem in remembering all articles listed in our polity book..please give us some GURU MANTRA that i’ll become easier to us for remembering..I hope you’ll certainly do in this direction ASAP
    ..Thank you ..!!

  9. sir i had done msc in physics ,and good basics with dept ,so sir can i rely totaly on your notes, i find them acc. to syllabus and before finding your notes already done once with syllabus

  10. Great work…..for upload all Physics notes, very helpful all Physics candidates.
    I am MSc Physics background & also 2014 i qualified PHD level exam ( national level, JEST).
    Can you send me the ifs Physics book name, I see rph edition Physics ifs ( online) this book better for ifs or not. Reply me.
    Thanks again for your help of many students.

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